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Are you looking for an amazing invite, no postal service, and an almost immediate RSVP, no matter where your guests are in the world? Then Paperless Invites is for YOU!

Paperless Invites is an online invitation site which caters to all your invitation needs. We are an environmentally friendly alternative to the regular paper and ink, are cost effective, hassle free, and provide you with a creative way of sending your invitations and more.

Let our skilled creative design team, design to your specifications and send out your next online invite. We cater for all invitations and announcements such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, business functions, pool parties, bachelor/bachelorettes as well as birth announcements! All these can be sent to your guests via email.

Why not join in on the latest craze and send your next invite online.

Advantages of Paperless Invites:

Immediate Responses:
With Paperless Invites you will receive almost immediate responses as soon as you have sent us your guest list and their email addresses. Send us through your event information eg: time, date, location, occasion, what they need to bring etc. We will send out your Paperless Invite. They will then be able to view it from their email inbox and RSVP.

Unforeseen Changes:
Do you have a sudden change of plans and don’t feel the need to have to phone each and every guest? Well then Paperless Invites can send these alterations to your guests quickly and hassle free.

Environmentally Friendly:
Seen as Paperless Invites is a friendlier way of paper and ink it is inexpensive, hassle free and is sending invites with a difference.

Paperless Invites events include:
Baby Showers
Bachelor Party
Bachelorette Party
Corporate Events
Birth Announcements
Fathers Day
Mothers Day
Pool Party
Girls Night
Cocktail Party
Dinner Party
Games Night
Christmas Party and more…


No email…  No problem! 

Not only can Paperless Invites send out personalized invitations using emails, but we can now also send an sms.

That’s right, now all your guests can get these unique invitations whether they have an email address or not.

Keeping you, the client in mind we wanted to offer an online service that not only requires an email address, but can also get hold of your invitees who don’t have access to a computer. What better way than through SMS!. Our fantastic new feature will be able to reach the masses and not only those fortunate enough to have access to an email address.

Your guests will have no excuse not to attend your next function. So, whether its a business function, pool party, family gathering, or even baby shower, you will be the talk of the party, because of your unique invitation.