Below is an example of an Online RSVP that is found on your Online Wedsite that guests can fill in and RSVP immediately. The email will then be sent to your email address where you can keep track of who is or isn’t attending…

Colours can change to fit with your theme and fields can be changed to the following options:

  • Name
  • Can you attend? (Y/N)
  • Names of Adults Attending (you will need this for the place cards)
  • How many Children Attending
  • Names and ages of Children Attending (you will need this for the place cards and seating)
  • Song to add to playlist
  • Meal Requirements (Vegetarian, Vegan, Allergies etc)
  • Message (Guests can send Good Luck messages to the couple etc)

Name: *
Will you be attending?: *
Number of Guests attending that were invited?:
Song to add to their playlist: