So many people are looking to save money and simplify their lives. It is no wonder that Online Invitations are more popular now than ever before. There are a number of advantages to sending Invitations Online!

If you are getting married or having an event coming up, view below the many advantages to going this route.

Save Money

The amount of money you save when sending Online is no secret. You save on Postage costs, save on costly mistakes made by printers as well as save on the additional stress. This can quite easily save a few hundred Rands for some couples.

No More Postal Errors

We have all come into some sort of problem with the postal service some time in our lives. Letters aren’t delivered on time, letters get lost in the mail etc etc. With sending your invites Online you won’t have to stress about where the letters are around the World. Once it is out of your/our Outbox, it is sent to your guests Inbox. Your guests from around the World will receive your Invitations all at the same time.

Better Organization

By sending Invitations Online you can now easily keep track of which Invitations were sent, who has replied and which guests will or won’t be attending your event as everything is done Online. Paperless Invites can add an RSVP form to the bottom of your Invite so that guests can reply ASAP.


One of the biggest advantages for switching to online invitations is that it’s great for planet Earth. Now you don’t need to decide on what texture paper to use, but colour buttons and sequences to add etc, making your invitation process quick and easy. By not using paper you won’t have to worry about the reply cards or menu options burning down the rainforest. Just a little bandwith and you will be doing your part for the environment.

Less Stress

Most brides nowadays work full time and try and save costs for invitations by buying the paper and embellishments separately. This is a good idea, if you had the time! The last thing you want to do when you come home from a long day at work is having to stick and fold your Wedding Invitations together. This is where Paperless Invites comes in handy. Simply send us your colour schemes, images, ideas etc that you want. We will then create 2 design templates for you! Choose the one you like with a set of changes and voila, it is completed. You can then even have us send the invitation to your guests via email at a cost or you can send them while sitting in the comfort of your home or office! No more having to post or drive around to deliver the Invitations.